Michael Graham Chapman


Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Erskineville 1913 1913
  • Council of the Municipality of Erskineville Sign, no date (City of Sydney Archives Collection)

Family background

Michael Graham Chapman, more usually known as Graham Chapman, was born in 1882 to Edward M Chapman and his wife Christina. He lived in Clara Street next to his engineering works in a house named ‘Stadleigh’. In 1935, Chapman, ‘bronzed and burly engineer of Clara-street, Erskineville’ brought a case against a female acquaintance of his brother for obtaining money from him by false pretences. His brother, Archibald Graham Chapman had conducted the American Bag Store in Sydney. Michael Graham Chapman died at a private hospital in Point Piper on 18 July 1961.

Occupation & interests

In 1908 Chapman formed the engineering firm of Chapman and Sherack. In November 1910, land at 26 Clara Street was transferred to Michael Graham Chapman where he set up his works. A major innovation was the development of the Chapman Pup marine engine, which is held in museums and is an object of desire for collectors. In 1925, he applied to patent improvements he had made to marine engines. He also took out patents for a variety of other mechanical improvements. He registered the company Chapman Engine Distributors Pty Ltd in 1937.

Community activity

By 1936, Michael Graham Chapman was on the Council of the Institute of Automotive Mechanics.

Local government service

Graham Chapman was an alderman on Erskineville Council in 1913, representing North Ward.


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