To discover more about the aldermen and councillors who served on the City of Sydney Council, we have provided a number of resources below. Note that the level of biographical information for each alderman or councillor on this website varies enormously. This is due to the level of information available at the time of writing, and is not a reflection on an individual’s importance. Genealogical information and occupations are particularly difficult to determine and some connections remain speculative.



This list of references includes sources used in the compilation of the biographies of former Sydney aldermen and councillors, as well as general resources which might be useful for further research into the history of local government in Sydney.

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Biographical information has been drawn from the Biographical Register of Sydney City Aldermen 1842-1992 compiled by archivist Renato Perdon and published in 1997 as part of the City’s Sesquicentenary History Project. Additional research for this project was undertaken by historian Terri McCormack in 2005.

In 2013, historian Max Solling wrote and researched the biographies of the Glebe aldermen.

  • Renato Perdon, former City of Sydney archivist
  • Terri McCormack, historian who provided additional research on all the City of Sydney Council aldermen
  • Catie Gilchrist, historian who edited the biographies
  • Max Solling, historian who researched wrote the biographies of the Glebe, Camperdown and Cook aldermen
  • Rodney Hammett, who assisted Max Solling with research and writing for the biographies of the Camperdown and Cook aldermen
  • Linda Brainwood, pictures researcher
  • Mark Stevens, City Archivist and the team of archivists at the City of Sydney
  • Staff (former and current) at the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, especially Jennifer Broomhead, Helen Harrison and Scott Wajon
  • Staff at the NSW Parliamentary Archives
  • Staff at the State Records Office of NSW
  • Reverend Syd Clay, St Thomas’ Church, Enfield
  • Trish Lane
  • Robert G Eldridge
  • Ryde District Historical Society
  • Angela Phippen, Local Studies Librarian, City of Ryde
  • Cathy Jones, Strathfield & District Historical Society
  • Margaret Roberts, Local Studies Librarian, Strathfield Library
  • Helen Bersten and Dennis Bluth, Australian Jewish Historical Society