Arthur Edward Lawes

Sydney Council Employee, Assistant Engineer

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman City of Sydney 1924 1927
  • Arthur Edward Lawes 1884-1954 (City of Sydney Archives, NSCA CRS 54/98)

Family background

Arthur Edward Lawes was born at Penrith in 1884, son of Charles W and Henrietta M Lawes. In 1905 at Sydney he married Florence (b.1886), daughter of Arthur and Fanny Haughton, and they had three sons and a daughter; all but the youngest was born in the Leichhardt area. He died on 11 December 1954, survived by his wife.

Occupation & interests

AE Lawes was recruited as a jointer to the Electric Light Department of Sydney City Council on 3 October 1905. He became a Main’s Foreman in March 1910 and an Assistant Mains Engineer in October 1917. He was on sick pay from March to May 1919 and resigned on 2 June 1919. As Alderman he was concerned with workers’ conditions. On 6 July 1927 he asked for medical reports relating to the effect upon Council employees of working with air compressors.

Local government service

Arthur Lawes was Alderman for Bligh Ward, 1 December 1924 to 31 December 1927. He was a member of the Health and Recreations Committee, 1925-27 and its Vice-Chairman in 1926. He was also on the Electricity Supply Committee, 1925-27.


City of Sydney Archives: Aldermen’s Files; Photo: CRS 54/98;


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