Benjamin Morgan

Saddle And Harness Maker

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Camperdown 1885 1901
Mayor Camperdown 1889 1890

Family background

Benjamin Morgan was born in Sydney in 1855. HeĀ married in 1876 at Newtown to Mary King (1854-1912). He died on 2 June 1913, aged 58 years.

Community activity

Morgan was a trustee of Camperdown Park.

Parliamentary service

Morgan, a Georgist, unsuccessfully stood as the Labor candidate for Newtown-Camperdown division in 1894, obtaining 30% of the vote.

Local government service

Benjamin Morgan was an alderman on Camperdown Council 1885-1901 and mayor in 1889-90. As mayor in 1889, Benjamin Morgan gave evidence to a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Sewerage.


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