Frederick Holland

Architect And Surveyor

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Newtown 1863 1864
Mayor Newtown 1863 1863

Family background

Frederick William Holland was born in London, England and arrived in Sydney in 1851. He lived in Pine Cottage, Francis Street, Enmore with his wife Catherine. He died in February 1880 in Albert Street, Marrickville of natural causes on his way to a funeral. They had no children.

Local government service

Frederick William Holland was an alderman on Newtown Council in 1863-64 and its first mayor in 1863.The former Newtown Town Hall was originally Newtown’s controversial first School of Arts. The building’s architect Frederick Holland was Newtown’s first mayor. Holland designed the building, but after concerns it was structurally unsound, rival architect John Bibb stepped in to oversee the demolition and reconstruction of second storey in 1850. Holland became mayor in 1863 but nursed a grievance toward his fellow councillors, which tainted council meetings until he was voted out two years later.


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