James Bennett

Coach Builder

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Cook 1867 1869
Mayor Cook 1869 1869
Alderman Camperdown 1870 1882
Alderman Camperdown 1887 1894
Mayor Camperdown 1876 1878

Family background

James Studwell Bennett was born in Lambeth, Surrey, in 1828. He was married in 1849 at Southwark, Surrey, to Emma Cates (1826-1900). They had four sons and and daughters. The Bennett family arrived Sydney in 1853. He died on 11 November 1898 in Newtown, aged 70.

Occupation & interests

James Bennett established a coach and waggon factory in Parramatta Road Camperdown and continued to work there till his death in 1898 when his son took over the business. Bennett had agreed in Marchh 1885 to demands by coach workers for an eight hour day.

Local government service

James Bennett was an alderman for the Cook municipality 1867-69, and an alderman on Camperdown Council 1870-82 and 1887-94. He was the Mayor of Camperdown 1876-78.


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