James Butler


Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman City of Sydney 1863 1869

Family background

James Butler was born on 25 December 1812. He died, aged 59, at his residence 148 Victoria Street, Enfield on 8 November 1871. He was buried with his wife Julie who died on 28 December 1875 aged 64, in the Church of England Cemetery at Enfield, NSW.

Note that genealogical details are speculative only and require further research for confirmation.

Occupation & interests

Several Bounty Immigrants with the name James Butler arrived during the 1850s. On 27 May 1857, James Butler of William Street and Owen Joseph Caraher provided a Bond of ₤500 to the Sydney Council for John Hourigan of William Street to be appointed as Collector of Paving Rates. From 1858 to 1867, James Butler had a draper’s shop at 52 William Street. Note that there was also a James Butler, cabinetmaker, at 176 Crown Street in 1858. In 1869, James Butler and his son Edward were at 106 William Street. In 1870, a James Butler was described as a freeholder of 106 William Street. In 1873 a James Butler of 106 William Street signed a petition for sewerage accommodation in William Street.

Local government service

James Butler was Alderman for Fitzroy Ward, from 1 December 1863 to 30 November 1869.


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