John Jones

Shipping Agent And Shipowner

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman City of Sydney 1842 1843

Family background

Because this name is so common, it has not been possible to identify genealogical details without further detailed research.

Occupation & interests

John Jones, shipping agent and shipowner, was in Sydney by the 1830s. On 29 November 1835, he purchased the brig Micmac for the New Zealand run under Captain Bruce, formerly of the Sydney Packet. In 1836, he established a whaling station at Stirling Point in the South Island of New Zealand, and by 1839, had set up two more stations nearby.

In September 1837, he lost the Sydney Packet off New Zealand and in 1839 the Micmac was reported lost off New Caledonia. In January 1840, he bought the schooner Abercrombie at Sydney for ₤2000 and in July he also purchased the Susannah Ann for the New Zealand trade. By this time he was a wealthy shipowner: his other vessels included the Bright Planet, Caroline, Diana, Eleanor, Fly, Jessie, Jewess, Lucy Ann, Magnet, Munford, and Regia. He was also agent for the schooner Success and acted on behalf of the New Zealand Government in disposing of the brig Victoria.

In July 1839 he gave evidence to the Customs Regulations Committee. On 2 April 1840, Jones was appointed to the Committee of Management of the New Zealand Association. In October 1840, he was accused of assault, and acquitted, by boat builder George Green, a passenger from New Zealand in his brig Magnet. In the subsequent Supreme Court case, Jones was described as one of the three persons who had purchased the whole of the southern Island of New Zealand from the Aborigines. The plaintiff’s representatives referred to him as ‘one of the Princes of New Zealand’. In June 1840 Jones had taken out advertisements in the Australian cautioning the public not to purchase any land in Open Bay or Stewart’s Island from Green as it belonged to Jones. In May 1842, John Jones claimed 16, 000 acres of New Zealand land. He also applied for several tracts of land in NSW.

Community activity

John Jones was a subscriber to the Hibernian Fund, the Patriotic Fund, the Bourke Memorial, and the Relief Fund. He also contributed to the Orphan School at Balmain.

Local government service

John Jones was elected Foundation Councillor for Gipps Ward, 1 November 1842 to 27 July 1843.


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