Joseph Bowden


Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Alexandria 1922 1948
Mayor Alexandria 1929 1931
  • Alexandria alderman Joseph Sydney Bowden (Alexandria, the Birmingham of Australia: 75 years of progress, 1868-1943)

Family background

Joseph Sydney Bowden was born on 7 December 1884 at Sydney, NSW, the son of Charles Walter Bowden and Jeanetta Caldwell. He married Fanetta Margaret Lewis (1885-1962) at Sydney, and they had four sons and four daughters. Bowden died at Sydney, on 17 March 1953, aged 68 years; he was cremated at Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. He left no Will. Bowden lived at 91 Euston Street, Alexandria.

Occupation & interests

Alexandria first became a Labor-controlled Council in December 1928 and Joseph Bowden became the first Labor mayor of Alexandria. He served three consecutive terms. Thereafter Labor adopted the practice of rotating the office of mayor annually.

Local government service

Joseph Bowden was an alderman on Alexandria Council 1922-48 representing the South Ward. He served as mayor 1929-31.


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