Family background

Randolph Griffiths was born on 26 February 1955. He may be related to Randolph Griffiths who died on 1 May 1952 and is buried in the Jewish section of Rookwood Cemetery. He married Amanda Louise Carter and had a son and daughter.

Occupation & interests

Randolph Griffiths was educated at Sydney Grammar School and gained his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales. He also studied architecture at the University of New South Wales specialising in cityscapes. He is a member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Until 1987, he was the managing director of his own importing business. He is a director of several investment companies with many years experience in retailing and wholesaling. He was a member of the Environmental Sub-Committee of the Tourism Task Force and the Federal Cabinet’s Working Group on Tourism and Ecologically Sustainable Development. He has lived at Hunters Hill.



Local government service

Griffiths was elected Alderman from 22 December 1988 to 1992. He was responsible for drafting Council’s Total Environment Policy. He was a member of the Finance Committee, 1989–90, acted as Chairman of the Community Services Committee, 1989–91 and was a member of the Industrial Relations Committee 1989–91, the Central Sydney Planning Committee, 1991–92 and the Works Committee, 1992. In 1992 he sat on the Planning Committee, the Housing Sub-Committee of the Planning Committee, the Sydney Committee and served as House Committee Chairman. He represented the Civic Reform Association until 1992 when he became an Independent.


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