Roger Hill


Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Paddington 1926 1948
Mayor Paddington 1941 1941
  • Paddington Alderman R.B. Hill, 1939 (City of Sydney Archives, CRS 1033/117)
  • Paddington Alderman R. B. Hill, 1917-18 (City of Sydney Archives, CRS 1033/49)

Family background

Roger Bede Hill died 22 February 1948.

Local government service

Roger Bede Hill was an alderman on Paddington Council in 1926-28, 1935-44 and 1947-48. On 26 April 1947 he was re-elected to Paddington Council to replace Joseph Carr, who died during term on 7 March 1947. Hill died 22 February 1948 and was replaced by John Michael Kenny in April 1948.


The information about this alderman was compiled in collaboration with Woollahra Library and Information Service.


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