Samuel Forshaw Smith

Soap Maker, Traveller

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Waterloo 1892 1894
  • Waterloo Municipal Council stamp (City of Sydney Archives A-00310569)

Family background

Samuel Forshaw Smith was born on 12 February 1851 in Salford, England, son of Samuel Lee Smith and Margaret Forshaw. He married Mary Green on 24 November 1875 in Eccles, Lancashire, England. Smith and his family arrived in Sydney c1880 and lived In Bourke Street, Waterloo. They had at least two children before returning to England c1900. Smith who was now widowed married Amy Caroline Bailey on 17 September 1904 in Lambeth, London. He died on 16 February 1916 in Lambeth, London.

Occupation & interests

Samuel Forshaw Smith, traveller, of Waterloo, was declared bankrupt on 8 July 1890.

Community activity

Samuel Smith told Waterloo Council in 1894 that gangs of larrikins roaming the streets were destroying trees in the park and damaging property. As a result Waterloo Council sought additional police protection to protect property and apprehend the offenders.

Local government service

Samuel Forshaw Smith was an alderman on Waterloo Council in 1892-94.


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