Samuel Sparks


Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Waterloo 1862 1864
Alderman Alexandria 1868 1871
Mayor Alexandria 1869 1869
  • Waterloo Municipal Council stamp (City of Sydney Archives A-00310569)

Family background

Samuel Sparks was born c1798 at Broome, Norfolk, England, the son of James Sparks and Mary Mays. He married Ann Porter (1817-94) in 1840 in Nottinghamshire, England, and they had two sons and five daughters all born in Sydney (1841-58). Sparks lived on the Waterloo Estate at the time of his death on 5 June 1873, aged 73 years, He was buried at Rookwood Cemetery in the Methodist section. He left no Will. Samuel Sparks lived in Mitchell Road, Alexandria.

Occupation & interests

Sparks was a grazier on the Waterloo Estate, Mitchell Road, Alexandria. In December 1849, He leased a considerable portion of the waste land belonging to the estate for the purpose of grazing cattle. He displayed a strong sense of public service to the emerging area, joining both Waterloo and Alexandria councils.

Community activity

Spark’s participated in Waterloo Council’s negotiations to establish a public pound in 1862, and to obtain a lease from the trustees of the Waterloo Estate.

Local government service

Samuel Sparks was an alderman on Waterloo Council in 1862-64. He was an alderman on Alexandria Council 1868-71. At 71 years of age, he served as mayor of Alexandria Council from 7 January to 10 February 1869, but was replaced by Edward Hawksley.


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