Thomas Nosworthy

Managing Director Of Wholesale Merchants

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Glebe 1899 1907
Mayor Glebe 1902 1903
Mayor Glebe 1905 1905
  • Glebe Council logo 1896 (City of Sydney Archives A-00333228)

Family background

Thomas Nosworthy was born at Goulburn NSW in 1855, son of William and Ann Nosworthy. On 15 February 1879 he married Mary Ann Adams at Glebe Road Wesleyan Church Glebe. There was a son and a daughter of the marriage. He died at Lewisham on 3 September 1911, aged 56 years. Mary Ann Nosworthy died on 3 September 1942, aged 80 years.

Occupation & interests

Nosworthy began working as a bookkeeper, and ended his career as managing director of D Mitchell & Co, wholesale grocers, general merchants and manufacturer of grocers and located at 153 Clarence Street, Sydney. He was a vice-president of Glebe Rowing Club. As mayor Nosworthy delivered a patriotic homily to Glebe’s public school children on Empire Day at Glebe Town Hall.

Community activity

Nosworthy was a vice-president of the Glebe Benevolent Society. At its tenth annual general meeting in 1906 secretary Priscilla Jonsen told members that during the winter of 1905 the Glebe Benevolent Society provided ‘the poor with warm skirts, flannelette and boots relieving’ 120 families altogether.

Local government service

Nosworthy was an alderman on Glebe Council in 1899-1907. He was mayor in 1902 and 1905. Glebe Council held a referendum on the question whether local residents were in favour of the Greater Sydney scheme in 1902. Mayor Nosworthy reported of the 1,710 voting papers issued only 958 were returned. 910 voted against the Greater Sydney Scheme and 47 in favour. Glebe Council was a vigorous opponent of the scheme.


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