William Bryant

Gardener, Railway Employee

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Waterloo 1860 1867
Mayor Waterloo 1863 1863
Mayor Waterloo 1867 1867
Alderman Alexandria 1870 1872
Mayor Alexandria 1870 1871
  • Waterloo Municipal Council stamp (City of Sydney Archives A-00310569)

Family background

William Bryant was born on 16 March 1819 in Beneden, Kent, England, son of William Bryant Snr and Ann Austen. At the age of 19 he arrived in Sydney on 26 June 1838 as a Bounty Immigrant on the vessel ’Westminster’. His stated occupation was farm labourer. Bryant married Ann Jane Gilbert (1822-77) on 15 December 1840 in Sydney and between 1841 and 1866 they had 12 children (9 sons, 3 daughters). Bryant died on 29 August 1896 at his residence in Marian Street, Redfern, NSW, aged 77 years. He was buried in the Old Wesleyan Section at Rookwood Cemetery with his wife. William Bryant lived at Wyndham Street, Waterloo. He left a Will and his estate and assets were assessed at £841.

Occupation & interests

A combination of public service and self interest induced William Bryant to nominate for municipal office although alderman were unpaid, the office of mayor conferred status and power in the local community.

Community activity

Bryant as Waterloo Mayor presented the Duke of Edinburgh with an address pledging the municipality’s loyalty to Queen Victoria on his visit to Waterloo.

Local government service

William Bryant was elected as one of the nine inaugural alderman on Waterloo Council. He was an alderman on Waterloo Council in 1860-67. He was mayor of Waterloo in 1863 and 1867. He was also an alderman on Alexandria Council 1870-72. He served as mayor for Alexandria in 1870-71, and was returning officer 1870-72.


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