William Clark

Stock And Station Agent

Terms served on Council

Title Council From To
Alderman Glebe 1872 1875

Family background

William Clark was born in 1834, son of William Clark and Mary. In 1854 he married Annie Murray. He died at Forest Lodge on 23 November 1889, aged 55 years. Annie Clark died 10 August 1896, aged 58 years.

Occupation & interests

On election to Glebe Council, William Clark gave his occupation as stock and station agent. He left an estate valued at 1,674 pounds for probate purpurposes.

Local government service

William Clark was part of a deputation to the Colonial Secretary urging removal n 1874 of Glebe Island abattoir. Not only was the abattoir a nuisance, it served as a magnet for he most offensive and unwholesome industries to concentrate around it Рboiling down works, piggeries and soap and candle manufactories Рall detrimental to the health of the neighbourhood.


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